“From a business point of view I would highly recommend Pharma Targeting as a key partner for anyone that work as a service provider in the pharma world. From an ROI point of view their collaboration is impressive”

Pharmacovigilance CRO, CEO

“We started to work with Pharma Targeting in April 2014 and have had a great experience with them. We get great communication, prompt service and a huge amount of ownership and care in the work that they provide. Their approach is totally flexible and based around our needs. They very quickly understood our market / target space and adapted very fast to feedback, delivering data that hit the target closer and closer of every round of service.

I would say it’s fair to say there is a tangible return on investment by using Pharma Targeting, both from a bottom line sales point of view and also reducing my salesforce time performing research, meaning they focus their time and energy on targeting potential clients, thus greater revenue.

I can vouch that Pharma Targeting’s service is almost unique and a fresh approach in our space, the data is valuable, and that their service has been terrific in terms of custom research and data mining.”

Mid-sized PreClinical CRO, Managing Director