The complete market
intelligence solution:

Identify, consult, execute.

What information do you need to fulfill your Business Development / Marketing Strategies?

Pharma Targeting offer services of customised contact research and market targeting for service provider's looking to work in the pharmaceutical sector.

We have introduced a new and unique concept into the market that has never been done before and we are so confident it will add value that we want to offer a free sample for you to experience a new way of identifying the right people to do business with.

We have a bespoke service to help all types of service providers to do more business with Pharma and Biotechs.

It involves tailored primary research on companies that could use your services - done just for you - on request, all year round with an actionable output rather than an interface to navigate.

Something to get your journey with us started - Pharma Funding

Date Company VC Company Country Funding Amount Type of Investment Link Details
27th Feb 2015  CHIASMA, INC.    Israel  Series E  USD 70 Million      Chiasma Announces Completion of $70 Million Series E Financing 
18th Feb 2015  Miragen Therapeutics, Inc.    United States of America  Series C  USD 8.5 Million      Miragen Therapeutics pulls in final tranche of Series B funding 
17th Feb 2015  LAGUNA PHARMACEUTICALS    United States of America  Series B  USD 30 Million      Laguna Pharmaceuticals Completes USD 30 Million Series B Financing, Appoints Industry Veteran Bob Baltera as CEO 
13th Feb 2015  Invuity, Inc.    United States of America  Private Equity  20 Million USD      Invuity Raises USD 20 Million Funding Round 
28th Jan 2015      United States of America  Series B  USD 6.5 Million      Trice Medical Raises USD 11.6 Million Series B Financing; Appoints Jeffrey O'Donnell Sr. to Chairman and CEO 
26th Jan 2015  Iora Health    United States of America  Series C  USD 28 Million      Iora Health Raises USD 28 Million Series C Financing 
9th Jan 2015      Denmark  Series B  USD 24 Million      Orphazyme hauls in USD 24M to advance its rare disease contender 
30th Dec 2014  3-V Biosciences, Inc.    United States of America  Series D  USD 28.5 Million      3-V Biosciences snags USD 28.5 mln Series D 

“From a business point of view I would highly reccomend Pharma Targeting as a key partner for anyone that work as a service provider in the pharma world. From an ROI point of view their collaboration is impressive”

Pharmacovigilance CRO, CEO

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